When an old vehicle becomes too expensive to be repaired it is of course good for nothing. As a result, people often end up selling it to the junk scrap yards.

The folks involved in this industry are known as Auto Dismantlers or say recyclers are always delighted to help salvage vehicle owners. They do this by buying and towing wrecked vehicles to their scrap yards while leaving top cash with the owner.


However, when selling a junk vehicle it always important to choose a company that is reliable, competent and experienced in terms of automotive services they offer. And, if you live in Feilding or anywhere around Manawatu region and its immediate suburbs, Car Wreckers Feilding is the best place for all your automotive requirements.

About the outstanding Auto Dismantling Services

The major concern in selling process arises if the vehicle is not roadworthy. But if you choose to deal with Vehicle Wreckers Feilding, you can breathe a sigh of relief. This is because we offer bother-free and smooth auto pick-up facilities. And, of course we won’t deceive you with fake assurances of making maximum payout. The cash offers are guaranteed and entirely unbeatable by our rivals.

Once the unwanted automobiles are towed to the scrap yards, they are carefully broken out in parts, which involves removing all sorts of recyclable components. This includes engines, tyres, batteries, mild steel assemblies and so on. These are then skillfully recycled in accordance with the green principles of recycling as laid down by the government.

Easy and Quick Services

The majority of large wrecking yards in Feilding where automobiles are stacked up in a large number. Additionally, these junk yards also have the latest technologies because of which they are able to offer efficient services. The best part is that one can easily get in touch with them by using their online services.

The whole approach is to make the selling process as easy and smooth as possible for the clients. It will just require you to visit their website and either fill up their inquiry form or make them a call. You may even go through their business informational and testimonials to check their proficiency and genuineness.

Summing Up

To sum up, before getting in touch with any junk auto removal company explore everything about their business. Always check their legitimacy before accepting their offer. However, if you want to enjoy a professional level experience, don’t forget to contact us. Call on- 0800 444 666.

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Where Possible, Most Parts are Recycled Offering an environmentally friendly car disposal