How to sell your used vehicle for decent cash?

The activity of selling a used car in order to help pay for a newer, more reliable vehicle. This is one that every auto owner has to take part in at some point in their life time. If you ever find yourself in this situation, no-one will hold it against you if you tell them that you want to get the best amount of money that is possible out of the transaction. This is a noble goal indeed, and you’re not alone in wanting it. Studies show that a significant majority of all people prefer having more money over less money.

But how exactly does one go about achieving this lofty end-game of selling a used car for plenty of sweet cash? There are a myriad of different paths one can take. The steps to completing them are all very interesting and worthy of discussion. But in this article we will give just a brief rundown on some handy tips that will prove helpful in the struggle to achieving handsome remuneration as a result of this process.


Calculate the value

Online research is the key to modern day info gathering of any kind. For this we must thank the internet. It means that a wealth of information is at the fingertips. Don’t be scared to type redbook into the address bar. This will load up a website that is famous for how valuable it is in helping to find the correct price for second hand automobiles. Don’t forget to have the make, model and age of your vehicle handy as this information helps to keep things real. The realer you keep things the closer you are to the truth. You can take that to the bank and cash it. Free wisdom for you, folks.

You can also go to auction sites and trade sites to see how cars of similar make and condition are faring in the pricing stakes. The law of large numbers dictates that there will be at least a few other people in your country with the same type of automobile as yours trying to get rid of it in exchange for an increase in bank account levels.


The best and only way to spread the word to used car buyers that your precious vehicle is on the market is via the ancient practice of advertising. This is especially true if you are trying to sell your car online.

Most places make you pay for advertising, and this goes for online as well as print. There are places you may be able to get some free space, though. Examples include real life bulletin boards, which can be found in places like supermarkets and community centers. Online, social media is also a valuable resource that happens to be free. Post a Facebook update telling all your friends that the old trusty steed is on the market.

Be sure to include a nice photo of your machine it it’s cleanest condition, and include a thorough detailed description listing everything you love about this automobile.

Cash for Cars Companies

If all of this seems like too much of a hassle. Or you tried all the above and no-one wants the thing because it’s too old and broken down, ring a car removal company. They are otherwise known as Cash for Cars Companies. We are in the same business of buying old vehicles and recycling them. We even provide free auto removal.

The process of selling a car should be a special moment in anyone’s life. Don’t screw it up by not implementing the suggestions described above. The community of auto sellers everywhere depend on you. Good luck!

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