Tips to sell a junk car for cash in Auckland

When you met a drastic car accident it’s natural to feel quite upset for the loss. As it will lead to severe damages and turn your automobile into an absolute junk. Now you are left with only two options that is taking your automobile for repair or junking it. If your vehicle has not suffered massive damages, then you can consider getting it fixed from a professional mechanic. However, if your car is totally mangled and repairing it is not an option. You can consider scrapping it instead of letting it deteriorate and create mess on your property.
The best part of scrapping your broken vehicle is that you can make some good money. That’s right. If you choose a reliable salvage yard you can surely get a fair value for your automobile.
In this post, we have discussed a few effective tip to sell a scrap old car for cash in Auckland, NZ.

1. Prepare your car for sale

Even if your car is in a worse possible condition it may have some working parts. You can sell them to garner some additional income. First, make sure to form a list of components in a good working order. This way you can estimate the amount of money you can actually make by selling your car for scrap parts.
Once you do it, start by pulling out recyclable components and accessories. It will be best to get help from a professional technician who can do this task on your behalf. They will thoroughly inspect your vehicle to identify the components that can be sold as second hand or scrap. It can include all such parts like sound system, tyres, GPS system, battery and more.

2. Evaluate the price of your junk car

When you decide to sell your damaged or junk car for cash make sure to estimate its monetary value. In order to determine a fair value you should take help of effective auto valuation tool. You can do internet search or use Kelly Blue Book to estimate a precise value of your junk vehicle. Basically, you consider its physical attributes and engine condition to get a price estimate.
Alternatively, you can also check the ongoing scrap value of vehicles with similar make and model. Remember it is necessary to get an estimate before you connect with any scrapyard. Otherwise, you can get misguided and end up accepting a low price.
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3. Arrange all relevant paperwork

Most certified salvage yards check the relevant documents of junk vehicles before taking it. They just make sure to check the automobile’s ownership. You must have certificate of vehicle’s ownership so you get an exact price for it. So, make sure to be ready with all the necessary paperwork required for your scrap auto sale.

4. Compare several deals

Even if you are scrapping your car for cash make sure to get a few price quotes from different Car Wreckers in Auckland. You can connect with them by accessing their online quote form or just make a free call. This way you can approach a few scrapyards and get the best cash offer. Always make sure to be accurate while describing the physical attributes and condition of your automobile.

5. Be aware of their policies and standards

Every salvage yard has its own set standards and protocols when it comes to dealing with junk automobiles. Some prioritise to offer free scrap car removal service in addition to auto dismantling. While some only give auto wrecking and recycling service. If you are willing to tow your scrap automobile on your own, make sure to know the cash offer. They may offer you a higher price if you are ready to transport the vehicle at your own cost.

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