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CASH FOR CARS Christchurch  is the foremost automotive recycling company within the Canterbury Area. We have an instruction to the automotive environmental requirements as predetermined by the Government of New Zealand.

Cash for Cars Christchurch does not  adhere to limitations in the years of vehicles accepted. Basically put, we buy Cars, Trucks & Vans of ANY year – DEAD OR ALIVE.


Our daily Customers include, other than are not limited to :

  • Auto Repair Facilities
  • Local Garages
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Collision Reporting Centers
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Residential & Commercial Owners / Operators

Why Recycle ?

Vehicles manufactured earlier to 1996 are typically less fuel-efficient and lack the newest machinery for reducing air-polluting emissions. Across New Zealand, tailpipe emissions alone make cars, trucks and buses the major sources of smog pollution, especially in densely populated metropolitan areas.

Material Disposal:

All perilous Materials and or Components are Removed and Diverted from Landfills.  Reusable Parts are Salvaged & All Processed Vehicles are properly recycled. Today, vehicles are specifically designed to lift up the environmental standards posed by various governments across the world, leading to very strict vehicular emission systems.

This procedure began in the mid 70’s with the development the catalytic converter – designed to reduce emissions that contribute to pollution and smog.

Cash for Cars Christchurch has a diverse approach;

  • We are a Licensed & Insured corporation.
  • Our Tow Truck Operators are Well Trained, educated & Bonded.
  • Our Tow Trucks are Fully equipped, working, Functional and Safe.
  • All Tow Trucks have surpassed the essential safety and caution light guidelines.

Our drivers are polite, courteous, helpful, kind, honest and above all, highly trained to serve you and themselves with precision, correct skill sets and conform to the necessary safety parameters set by Cash for Cars Toronto – GTA Clunkers.

Our Service is the greatest, Most Reliable, Dependable & Hassle Free. Our Drivers are Very Kind, polite, Knowledgeable, Professional, Honest, Highly Skilled & Very Helpful – That’s a promise.


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Where Possible, Most Parts are Recycled Offering an environmentally friendly car disposal