1.  How does the Cash For Cars service work?

A:  Contact us on 0800 444 666 and speak to one of our friendly Members or submit your vehicle details using the form on the right side and we’ll Get Back you ASAP.

B:  We will give you an over the phone, on-the-spot estimated price depending on the condition of the vehicle.

This price is subject to viewing the vehicle at your place.

C: Our Staff Member will make a time with you to view and collect Your vehicle.  You get paid in cash upon viewing.

2. Why do people use cash for cars Service?

For some people, we provide a best option than the source of auctions or private selling.  Specially if you need cash NOW or today. Our service is Easy fast and cost nothing.  Cash for cars can help you by offering a fair cash price to you instantly.

Some Customer complain to us about the dramas and stress of selling privately, the fees and prices of auctions or selling online, people visiting your house, doubts about payment, paying to have your broken car fixed, paying to have your crashed car removed or repaired.  We solve all of these problems.

3. I am Live in Auckland and my vehicle is driveable. Can I bring it to you?

The Answer isYes, you can bring your vehicle to us for an assessment.  We are located in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Napier, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin and are even open on Saturdays and Sundays.

4. How soon can I get my money once we agree on a price?

Once we have agreed on a price we can either write you a Cash cheque on the spot or give you folding cash.  We can also arrange a direct credit to your bank account by internet banking to ensure you get cash for your car instantly.  There is no stand-down period ofcours after the paper work is done which will take about 2 minutes

5. Who handles all of the paperwork?

Cash For Cars takes care of all documentation including purchase agreements and change of ownership. The paperwork is completed properly and complies to all legal requirements so you do not have to worry any more.

6. What type of vehicles Cash for cars will you pay cash for?

We’ll pay cash for any car, truck, ute, van – any condition.  Running or not.  Damaged or straight. Registered, or Not

7. Do you charge to collect a vehicle that is not going ?

No. We have branches in all states and drivers of tow trucks will arrange free pickup of your vehicle.

8. Why is your cash for cars service a good option for some people?

If you need to sell a car to get cash quickly, then Cash for Cars is for you.  The hassle and expense of selling your car can be a big problem for lots of people.  If you are in a rush and if you don’t want to pay money to prepare your vehicle for sale, then we can help.

9. If money is owed on the vehicle, can you still help me Buy my vehicle?

No We Cant buy your vehicle if your vehicle is owing money or has security on it, you need to clear the security before we can buy your vehicle!

10. I want to refinance into a new vehicle. Can you help?

No Sorry We Can Not Refinace your vehicle

11. I don’t live in a big city – can I still use your service?

Yes No matter where you are in New Zealand, we are only a phone call away,  we can usually give you an estimated price on the phone But depends on viewing of your vehicle description or photos can be emailed us.

12. Will i Get a good or fair price for my vehicle? How will I know?

Cash For cars consultants are well  trained and professionals.  We are buying and selling up to 80 to 90 cars a week so have a good understanding to know the local market Value.

The cash price we pay you will be fair price.

13. if I call the  toll free no , or submit my vehicle details, what will happen next?

When you call our freephone 0800 444 666 or submit your vehicle details or talk to us, you will speak with one of our experienced Cash for Cars buying member. We will take your details and the details of your vehicle and arrange a suitable time to view your vehicle either at our place or yours, then give you an estimated price over the phone.

14. What can I expect from you when I deal with you?

Our parent company has been in the automotive industry for over 10 Years and has bought and sold hundreds of vehicles to a loyal following of very happy repeat customers.

You can expect a prompt and professional response from www.cashforcars.org.nz in short while.

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Where Possible, Most Parts are Recycled Offering an environmentally friendly car disposal