Abandoned Cars

When your vehicle accumulate any kind of irreversible damage keeping it in your garage seem pointless. This is where you start looking for easy ways to sell your problematic vehicle.

However, selling it to car dealership or individual buyer is not a feasible option for you. It is obviously due to the permanently ruined condition of your automobile.

Also, it will be wrong to abandon your junk vehicle at someone else property or any random area in Auckland, NZ. By doing so you are losing your chance to earn good money by scrapping the vehicle at Auckland Auto Wreckers. So, it is best to recycle your scrap vehicle for the good of the environment. In many countries government charge fines and penalties to prevent people from abandoning their useless vehicles.

Here are some common risks and problems that develops due to abandoned vehicles.

It leads to dangerous accidents

No matter whether you abandon your old or used vehicle on rural area, street, highway or anywhere. It can lead to severe accidents and problems.

For instance, most often people driving their vehicles during bad weather condition may not notice a randomly parked vehicle on the roadside. And, unfortunately, their vehicle end up in a collision. This a really common problem that people can easily avoid by scrapping their old vehicles instead of abandoning it.

It adds to the environmental pollution

It goes without saying that automobile are non-biodegradable. They consist of harmful materials that can severely affect the environment. It includes hazardous fluids like brake fluid, engine oil and battery acid. If these liquids leaks into the ground, it can be dangerous for environment and its surroundings. It can pose a threat to the plant-life, aquatic life, and wild life and so on.

Beside this vehicles includes plastic materials that get eaten by bugs and cause risk to health on spreading.

It is harmful for children

If you see any abandon vehicle in front of your house, make sure to immediately report to your city council. Otherwise, it will eventually accumulate rust and start deteriorating. This create a very unhealthy and unsafe environment. It can be dangerous for your kids, when they go to play out on street. As junk vehicles produce toxic materials and also become a home for rodents.

It obstruct the job of street cleaning services

When people abandon automobiles on street and roads it obstruct the efforts in waste management. As abandoned vehicles get in the way of street cleaning services. Most often such automobiles are used for wrong and illegal activities. For instance, people may start dumping and throwing their household waste in the abandoned automobile.

Government Resources Are Wasted

If you directly report to your city council about an abandoned automobile sitting in front of your home or street. They will quickly send their team to remove the vehicle. They make sure to hold the automobile in their yard until they find the owner of the questionable car.

A simple solution  

If you have any abandoned automobile lying in or around your place, make sure to call your local authorities. It is best to remove it as quickly as possible. On the other hand, if you are stuck with a junk vehicle on your property, please don’t abandon it. Instead you can recycle it with the help of your local Cash for Car Auckland Company. Call us today to know more about our easy cash for car services.

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